Personalized Content for the personalized Genration

The NextArticle Engine™ matches readers with the most relevant piece of content at the most relevant time.

Match readers with reading intent to the right piece of content from your inventory.

More relevant readers

Amplify your content's reach with exposure to more readers. Meeting them at the right intent, at the right time, with the right piece of content from your inventory.

More Engagement

A tailored experience keeps readers engaged, reading, sharing, commenting instead of wasting valuable screen-time scrolling through your site to get to the next piece of content that might interest them.

Long Term Retention

Users never forget where they got valuable information. As long as the source and information are consistent, It’s part of human nature to revisit that source over and over, expecting the same valuable experience.

Humane values.
Data-driven approach.
Uncompromisable privacy.

The NextArticle Engine™ crunches anonymized first-party data into of our cloud AI pipeline and spits out a personalized prediction for each visitor.

As a publisher or brand owner, you will gain a real-time analytics view into your visitors, the content they’ve consumed, engagement scoring, and satisfaction levels.

Other than gaining valuable insights immediately after integration, you will be able to use the panel for A\B testing different cohorts, segments, and strategies for content personalization as well as benchmark the NextArticle Engine™ to your other organic and non-organic sources.

For Brands

Gain insights and strengthen the connection to your audience. Supercharge your brand with data and a new readership from fresh sources.

For Publishers

Increase engagement, reader attachment, and relevancy of your content. User by user. Page view by Page view. Amplify trending articles and ever-green content.

Better Content.
Happier Readers.

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